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    Fifty years ago, Moses Lippincott owned a piece of property that in a roundabout way, would be known as Kitty's Roadhouse.

    Back in 1958, Bruce and Bernice Edwards would purchase the land from Mr. Lippencott.  A 30x50 brick building was erected in 1960 that Bob Schmitz would lease.  The new business would be called "Schmitty's" and was known as a place to get away.  The date is unknown when Bruce and Irene Vomweg leased the establishment and changed the name to "Bruce's".  Little, if anything, is known about the history, patrons or parties that were going on at "Bruce's" at the time.  We are pretty sure that "fun was had by all".

    Art and Carolyn Kitten step into the picture in 1972 when Art was working for NPPD and was asked to transfer to Norfolk.  Instead of making the move, Art and Carolyn, along with their family, decided to lease/buy the bar from Bruce Edwards.  Changes were made with fresh paint and a new sign that said "Kitty's".  They raised five kids while owning the bar - Andrea, Shelly, Jackie, Rod and Brennon.  When the kids were in high school and college, they thought it was always "cool" to bring their friends to the bar and hang out. Carolyn said, "There were never any famous people that came through the front door, but many good friends".

    Because there are sooo many fond memories along with all the friendships, fun and history behind Kitty's, Kim and Owen Nelson decided to keep the name after purchasing the business in 2009 from the Kitten family.  Roadhouse was added to the name Kitty's to add some distinction.  In modern days, Roadhouse stands for a food and beverage establishment, but history has it that a Roadhouse was a parlor (bar), billiard room and dance hall with "other" more colorful entertainment for the men in the basement.  No, Kitty's has no basement, but does anyone want to help us dig one?

    Kim and Owen Nelson have been in the Hastings are since 1991, and have three kids - Toby, Chad and Teneil.  They have decided to turn a new corner in their lives by keeping Kitty's open and helping out the community of Hastings.


                                      KITTY'S ROADHOUSE - YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!

   The entire racing decor puts you right in a friendly atmosphere to enjoy one of your favorite beverages and get to know people.  There are a few games to play and don't forget Kitty's famous tiki bar out back.

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